Watch this Arctic Fox Grow Up in 60 Seconds | Animal Growth Time Lapse

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Meet J.T. the Arctic Fox!

J.T. came into Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue and instantly won our hearts over. Animal lovers know that these fur babies truly are like family.

We wanted to remember the early days of our baby J.T.'s life forever, so we decided to film him every week since his admission into Soper Creek Wildlife Rescue. We've smooshed our clips into less than a minute of J.T. going from a fox kit to a full grown arctic fox!

J.T. came to us from unfortunate circumstances and overcame a difficult beginning to his life. This energetic and outgoing fox brings happiness to all those who come in contact with him. We are so proud to have him as part of the Soper Creek Wildlife family.

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Eden Porter

Eden Porter

3 года назад

Awesome video :)