My 4-Day Fire Pit Patio Build [Full DIY Project]

Building a round patio from a paver kit SEEMS simple, but it's also a ton of work! In this episode I'll show you step-by-step how I measured and dug out the sod, raked and tamped a solid base of gravel, added sand, and then placed each paver (oh, and added a fire pit on top, too!) You'll also see the REALLY dumb mistakes I made along the way, and how I fixed them.

DIY difficulty level: Medium - just because it's a lot of digging and hard labor. It's not rocket science, but you WILL be sore at the end!

PAVER PATIO INFO: Italian Renaissance Circle kit from Basalite in Positano color

FIRE PIT INFO: Grand Fire Pit kit from Basalite in Positano color

CAPSTONES: We got from a local cement artist who was selling them at the landscaping place.

Total cost for the kits and the capstones was $1400 (plus we also paid for way too much gravel mix and sand, so your own costs there may vary).

Measuring the circle: (0:17)

Digging up sod and dirt: (0:46)

Tamping gravel base: (2:02)

Adding sand layer: (3:03)

Laying pavers: (4:01)

Building the fire pit: (10:26)

Finishing details: (11:03)

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